Sunday, August 8, 2010

Times Ten At Top Chef Challenge!

Fort Worth, TX Magazine put on their own version of Top Chef Challenge on Thursday. Times Ten was the exclusive wine provider for the event. So, Dustin and I attended the competition to answer any questions there may be regarding the wine, and more importantly, snag some good food! We had a blast watching the chefs create their masterpieces. The secret ingredient was a rack of lamb; the savory smells wafting throughout the showroom were quite inticing. And lucky us, not only did tons of guests drink our wine, but we spotted two of the chefs sipping our Cab throughout the competition. They just so happened to be the top two qualifying chefs- coincidence? I think not!

We are so excited to see Chef Blaine and Chef Donnatella can do in the final round!

Donnatella imbibes a glass of x10 Cab while hard at work

Winners' Circle...cheers!