Friday, January 23, 2009


I know this is a few days belated, but I am still basking in the sunlight of the inauguration! Obama's speech was absolutely spot on, and it seems to have been well received around the world. I was happy to hear President Obama say that we need to get to work and rise up above this crisis. I think he brought a lot of hope and inspiration to our citizens with his words. 

Kids in school across the country watched the inauguration live via streaming internet video. I can only hope and pray that Obama inspired them to rise up as well. To show them a new kind of role model. Instead of wanting to be the next Kanye or Jay-Z, continue their education and become Senator or even President. Instead of banking on playing in the NBA and out-dunking LeBron James, to get involved in the community and make their own neighborhood a better place. 

The excitement that our new President has brought to this country has spread all the way down to the youngest of her residents. So, here's hoping that Obama can make a difference with the future generations. 

In case you missed the speech, or you just want to relive the moment, here it is: Obama Inaugural Speech

And for more presidential action, check out Tuesday's NY Times crossword puzzle, it was some all-American fun!

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