Thursday, March 19, 2009

Poetry Via Email

We are in DC for Spring Break. And since Chad's favourite game Fallout 3 takes place in DC , I thought I would share an email I received from him one day. It pertains to culture in that it is a poem, albeit it is about a video game that he wasted hours (if not days) of his life away playing. And yes, Chad really is in charge of our youth. Enjoy!

I played Fallout 3,
for a while it was just the Wasteland and me.
hundreds of mutants slain,
thousands of bottlecaps claimed,
I was the scavenger and defender of the weak.
Far from the vault,
a fantasy I caught,
of destruction and anarchy for weeks.
But with the enclave finished,
and project purity completed,
Who will I be,
Without Fallout 3?

Chad Thomas Hannon
7th Grade Texas History Teacher
Austin Academy

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