Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour Tonight!

Get ready to see what a difference we can make tonight! From 830pm-930pm local time is Earth Hour. Turn off all electronic devices, that includes powering down items in standby mode. Unplug all those chargers you may have. Even if they are not charging anything, they are sucking energy out- they're called vampire devices. And, let's break out the candles! A perfect opportunity to spend a little quality time with those we love. Educate your kids about being green, dust off that guitar, or play a board game (you need several candles for this so you can see to read). Or, just sit back, have a glass of wine (which most are organic, even if they don't advertise it), and enjoy the peace. 

Here is the link to the official website so you can read up on the event before shutting your computer down. Also, posted below is the video about it.

Happy Earth Hour!


  1. um, if you're in our house participating in this great event, please be sure to gracefully download the computers prior to pull their plugs! Happy Earth Day to you!

  2. excuse me, not pull their plugs but pulling their plugs.