Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Two Degrees of Separation from SJP!

We visited the Smithsonian's Museum of American History while on our trip to DC.  It's a wonderful museum, just renovated, I highly recommend it. At each of the entryways they have collections of various relics displayed. Some of the items were things like one of the first types of gasoline pumps, the scale that determined how much oxygen weighed, mouse traps, you name it. Chad caught a glimpse of the C3PO costume used in Return of the Jedi. Of course, he was absolutely giddy and ran over to take a picture. Lo and behold, next to C3PO, was Carrie Bradshaw's Mac that she used to write her column! Now I was the giddy one. :) So, since I saw the laptop SJP used in the show, that puts me like two degrees away from her, right? Oh, I also saw Colbert's oil painting portrait, so I guess I'm two degrees away from him too! Ha! Here's me with the Sex and the City laptop. Jealous? :)

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