Thursday, April 9, 2009

Architecture of Relevance

In a recent article, Cameron Sinclair of Architecture for Humanity comments on the recent shift from 'architecture of excess' to 'architecture of relevance' due to the economic status we are currently in. As Sinclair points out, AFH has been doing humanitarian work around the world for 10 years , but it has taken the economic recession to open people's eyes to the real crisis that has existed for too long. It's about time architects start focusing on the 5 billion people who live in inadequate living conditions and stop only servicing the elite and wealthy.
It's no surprise to me Ms. Zaha Hadid was not willing to debate Sinclair on the architect's role in the built environment. The architecture community is pretty familiar with her formidable persona. What a shame the leading female architect this world has to offer cannot be more in-tune with real problems this world faces and even 'pretend' to care.
I realize it is a challenge financially for architects to do pro-bono humanitarian work, but I think there is a balance that can be achieved in aiding the effort. Little by little we can put our services to good use and make a difference in the world!

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  1. And not just architects! If everyone put aside a small amount of time to do a little pro bono work in their field I think we would find a much happier & healthier status of the world's population. Time, talent, and treasure are the three things we need to give back to our community and those less fortunate. Especially now in the Spring, a season when everything is in bloom and our problems seem not so bad. But also a time, when charities and volunteer organizations are not on people's minds.