Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Biloxi Katrina Sculptures

Watching the news the other night, I saw a story on an artist who has taken trees that were felled by Katrina and turning them into beautiful wood sculptures. Marlin Miller wants to bring joy and life back to Biloxi and is doing so by turning something destroyed into a work of art. I especially love his seahorse. Here is an image of the Osprey that he did: 

To see more on his works you can go to the Thanks, Katrina blog to see his progress and get updates. This blog also talks about some of the problems they still have in the areas affected by Katrina. They are still not back to normal three years later, and require our help to get back on their feet. We can not let the victims of such a tragedy go forgotten!


  1. Those are incredible works of art. How uplifting to see people take pride in their work and staying close to home despite such cirsumstances.