Sunday, July 12, 2009

Broadband Creativity

There is so much creativity on the internet these days. I am introduced to new sites that are abounding with great music, visual arts, photography, ideas, and everything in between. My mom just sent me these two sites which I think are absolutely great.

The Uniform Project- One outfit, 365 days. This girl, like me, grew up wearing uniforms to school. They were always itchy, never fit right, and certainly didn't express your personal style. She is taking an all new approach to the uniform as an experiment in sustainable wear. Everyday it's the same dress, but with different fantastic accessories to give it some flare. I only wish I was that inventive during my school days. And she's raising money for schools in India to provide uniforms and other supplies to the schools in the slums. Fashion at work for a great cause!

Open Sound New Orleans- This site is all about music, conversation, ambient noise. You can navigate through the city listening to all of her sounds. Great for exploring NOLA at another level, especially when it's too hot to go visit right now anyway!

Black Cab Sessions- Of course, I shared this one with y'all a while back. But, I thought I would remind you of the great music that is being exhibited there. I have discovered quite a few new artists on their site, and I love the cheeky bios they give about the artist/band and how the BCS crew was able to wrangle them into the back of a cab.

silent G imagery- I may be a bit biased on this one, as this is my mother and step-dad's site, but there is some great art to be seen at their address. Forever being updated, you can check out their pieces from various cities, animalia, and never lacking in bird pictures. Be sure to stop by!

DailyLit- This site has been around for a while, but I think it's ingenious! Ever wanted to read one of the classics, but just don't have the time to invest in it? Well, the clever folks at DailyLit came up with the idea to email you one chapter of the book of your choice each day. You knock out the book a little at a time, all from the comfort of your computer. Best part is, it's free! I read Alice in Wonderland each morning at work, before I started on actual tasks. A great way to start your morning off and get your mind up and running. Also a good way to find out about new authors.

Does anyone know of other creative websites, obviously these are only five out of many. Please share with the class!

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