Friday, July 31, 2009

Spiceman Goes to the Farmer's Market

Tom the Spiceman at 1410 Fitzhugh has been selling some of the most unusual and delicious forms of produce for a while now. My favourite being sea beans. He is now creating his own famers' market called FM 1410. Below is a listing of some of the things he is offering.

We have Local-Organic:
San Marzano Tomatoes from Ennis, Tx @ $3.50#
Local-Certified Organic from Tioga, TX:
Heritage Vine Ripe Tomatoes retail @ $3.50#, wholesale @ $2.50#
Porter Tomatoes @ $3# a large, pink cherry tomato that's packed with flavor

Cherry Tomatoes and Saladettes @ $3#

Yukon Gold new potatoes retail @ $3# wholesale @ $1.50
Gypsy Peppers @ $4# these are beautiful and sweet grilled or pan seared
Texas Super Sweet Onions retail @ $2#, wholesale 25# bag @ $28 (These are the Onions served at Clarks Outpost BBQ)
Ratatouille Veggies/Eggplant, Cucumbers, Yellow Squash retail @ $3#, Wholesale @ $2.45#
Green Bell Peppers retail @ $3.50#, wholsale @ $2.75#

From Jeff "Dr. Pepper" Carter in Celina, TX.:
15 or more varieties of Global Warming Peppers (we call'em) which have more to do with the fact that they come from all over the world than the effect itself...Kosovo, Spain, Japan, Hungary,Brazil, Italy and on n' on...@ $16#

Spiceman's usual suspects:

Seabeans retail @ $1.00 oz/Wholesale @ $12#
Ramp Bulbs retail @ $1 oz/wholsale @ $13#
Maitake/Hen O' Woods Mushrooms retail @ $20# wholesale @ $12#
Baby Shiitake retail @ $10# wholesale @ $8#

Zucchini Blossoms soon to bloom in the FM 1410 garden

Louisiana Creole Tomatoes SOLD OUT

On the Spiceman's racks at the FM;

Crescent City Cooking by Susan Spicer (yes, my sister) a most classy and colorful book in substance and story

Texas EV Olive Oil 12 oz. btl. retail @ $17 is an excellent finishing oil and spicy like...hmmmm ... j' ne se qua

Cambodian Kampot peppercorns, Sea Salt and Date Palm Sugar cubes which are fine tasting condiments...

Fennel Pollen, Dill Pollen, Wild Sumac berries, Porcini Powder and Perique Tobacco for culinary infusions

Spiceman's "Best of the Dallas Farmer's Mkt" picks:
Texas Figs from Mexia retail @ $4 PT Wholesale @ $40/12 PT flat

Yellow Pear Tomatoes retail @ $3/PT wholesale @ $32 flat (12 PT)

Mixed Heirloom Tomatoes retail @ $4.50# wholesale 10# @ $32

Fresh Shelled Peas (mostly Purple Hull....some Speckled Butter and Pinto Beans limited) @ $5.50#

Israeli Melons retail @ $3 each (short season and selling fast)

Go and check it out! Your next dinner party will be a smashing success!

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