Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tis The Season!

A relatively new tradition has popped up in my house these last several years. I play an animated video of Santa and his reindeer singing "White Christmas" incessantly. Thought I would share the wealth this holiday season. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!


  1. And hopefully this new tradition will replace the ubiquitous Mannheim Steamroller Christmas music that we have suffered through for more holidays than I would like to count; what were we thinking?

    We are considering putting the various discs, gently used, in a boxed set and offering them to the first taker. We will Pay to Ship! Regifting takes on a new persona!

  2. What is the eye? Everyone has them, but few people really know anything about how they work or how they should care for them. Our eyes are how we view the world. Keep yours healthy.