Thursday, April 30, 2009

White Rock East Garden & Artist Tour

On May 17th, silent G imagery will be participating in this year's White Rock East Garden & Artisans Tour! This is a tour of spring gardens throughout the East Dallas neighborhoods with the added bonus of several artists' work on display. We will posted at Lance & Lauren Williams' yard, 8200 San Fernando Way. There will also be a plant sale & raffle. The best part about it, the tour is free! See you Sunday! 

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  1. Actually we've had a change in gardens -- sorry Maddio for not advising!

    silent G imagery will now be exhibiting at Cindy and Jay Johnston's home, 8523 Forest Hills Boulevard. We will be exhibiting along with fellow artists, Lynn Regan and her sister, Sissy, who are mosaicists.

    Maps are still in the process, but worst case, we will have maps at our garden.

    The really nice thing about this event is that all artists are from the three neighborhoods--exclusively. Little Forest Hills in particular is chock full of artists, so this is a terrific venue for area artists.

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