Friday, May 1, 2009

Feel the Love Friday: V

Everybody thinks his pet is cute- has that certain star quality. Why not show off your pet's devastatingly good looks and Oscar worthy acting skills in a film? The SPCA of Texas presents Pet Flix! They are now accepting short films, documentaries, and music videos from across the country starring pets! Give Charleton Heston the goldfish his chance to live up to his name. The deadline is Friday, May 15th, so dust off the camcorder and bring out the director's chair! Of course, your dog will want his own trailer! There is a $10 entry fee for each film. The Pet Flix film festival will be June 7th at the Granada Theatre. What a creative way to bring animal lovers together! And there's something in it for you too! They are giving out cash prizes for Best Overall Film, Best Short Tail, and Best Long Tail.  Tickets go on sale May 4th for $15 each. All proceeds go to the SPCA of Texas. Pets will be up for adoption at the event as well. Feel the love for your pet, and help one that does not have a home. Here is the website to learn more and download the entry form. 

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