Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Seattle Schmap

Happy News! A photo that I posted on Flickr has been selected to be included in the the 8th Edition of Schmap Seattle! There are Schmaps of many cities, which are downloadable and free. You can even access them from your iPhone or iPod Touch- a great feature if you're on the road. They include photos from fellow travelers as part of the map. I posted our pictures from our trip to Seattle & Vancouver to share with friends and family, who knew one of the few pictures I personally took would be selected!

Here in Dallas we have a few of Jonathan Borofsky's Hammering Men. There is also one in front of the Seattle Art Museum, or SAM, so I took a picture to show the folks back home. Follow this link to see my shot on the Schmap. Enjoy!


  1. Ah! Following your your mother's footsteps, but perhaps, even better, immortalized on the Web! Nice Job, Maddio!!

  2. I could have sworn I took a picture just like this. I must be crazy right?

  3. Even though you took most of the pictures, Orson, I did in fact ask for the camera on that one! You're not the only shutterbug around here! :)